Welcome !

Hello !!


Fist of all...welcome to my autograph website !

My name is Laurene, I am a 18 years old, french, student ( So, I apologize in advance for the mistakes you may find).


I have been collecting autographs since late 2010, early 2011, and I am passionate about this hobby !

I love music and litterature , I really do, but generally speaking, I prefer movies and TV series, that's why majority of my autograph collection is from actors and actresses.


I am a huge fan of "Harry Potter" (books and movies) , "Narnia","Lords of the Rings" , "The Hunger Games", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", "The Vampire Diaries", "Castle", "Bones" , "Unforgettable", "Grey's Anatomy", "Dr House", "Downton Abbey", "White Collar", "Criminal Minds" , "How I Met Your Mother", "Friends" , "Charmed"  and many many more.


Most of my autographs have been obtained through the mail (TTM & Via Venue), I rarely have the occasion to meet celebs I am a fan of , whether it's via premieres, conventions etc . Hopefully, one day I will.


For those of you who are not autograph collectors and who are interested in this hobby, there is a fantastic website called Celeb Autos, I highly recommend it ! : http://celebautos.co.uk/index/


By the way, I do NOT sell my autographs.  




- Dani , who made me discover "Celeb Autos" , who helped me a lot and who brought me back autographs from conventions ! ;)


- Also, a huge thank you to : Ursa, Nicci, Jen, Liz, Sammy , Chrissy, Sarai , Renii & Amber !!